Title "Nightfall"
Pages 3
Rating -
Publication date March 27, 2011
Use Item
Two Reports

"Nightfall", is a Three-page Oglaf story featuring Ivan and Navaan and the Lizard of Guilt. It is part of the Immaculate City story arc.


(Continuing from The Blank Page) Ivan regains consciousness and Navaan demands to know who he is. Ivan tells her that he is the slut from the city's warning posters. Navaan reads a list of sexual acts the slut is capable of on one of the posters and asks whether or not they count (You can only see the enchanted city if you are a virgin, but it was established in The Immaculate City that "blowjobs don't count".) Navaan tells Ivan that her friends will kill her if she loses her virginity. Ivan assures her they do not, and they proceed to engage in various sexual activities. Navaan fellates Ivan, causing him to ejaculate. She then gags and spits out a cumsprite.

Alt textEdit

Page 3

"actually, I think I was up while I slept"
"my skull collection got wet so I'm drying them out"

Page 2

"what did they call a bullet-point list before there were bullets?"
"surprisingly, the barrel didn't explode when I kicked it"

Page 3

"subliminal penis in panel 3"
"Vampires love body fluids. You can just spit in their mouths and they're happy."



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