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Oglaf Book One
Oglaf Book One's front cover.


Oglaf Book One


Doug Bayne
Trudy Cooper







In the Bonus material in Book One there is A Map. It is not clear exactly where the place that the map depicts is located, nor if it has any connection to anything else that is Oglaf related.

List of marked locations on A Map Edit

The list starts from past and ends in future

  • The Sunkern Desert
  • Really big lizard
  • The Inland Whirlpool
  • The Hierophants' Graveyard
  • Ron's house
  • City of Jerks
  • Mt Fuck Yeah
  • Foundland (formerly The Lost Lands)
  • The Mountains of Rock
  • Sea of Storms (but only sometimes)
  • Lair of the Anathema
  • The Mountainless Volcano
  • Plains of Fantomine Horsemen
  • Island of Bargains
  • The Barely Acceptable Swamp
  • Nest of Princesses
  • La's'aaa'nk'f
  • Mines of Evil
  • The "Good Times" Tar Pit
  • Everything in here wants to eat you
  • Really big tree
  • Evil Processing Plant
  • Wandering Island - Last reported location
  • The Good Bit
  • City of Imagination
  • The Outdoor Ocean
  • The Mountains of Forgiveness
  • Temple of Good Manners
  • Bit Like a Skull at Some Angles
  • The Post-Coital Cliffs
  • Sea of Negativity

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