Adult Education
Title Adult Education
Pages 3
Rating -
Fresh Horses
Bad Falcon

Adult Education is a three pages long Oglaf story. It features the character Oglaf and introduces a goat girl.



Oglaf attempts to please Goat girl

Oglaf attempts to impress Goat girl by showing that he is using his new found power to create messages with his semen to teach himself how to read. After he correctly guesses that his semen has spelled "cat" after masturbating in front of a cat and incorrectly guesses that it has again spelled "cat" after masturbating in front of a log, Goat girl asks Oglaf to spell her name. Oglaf is distracted by Goat girl's cleavage however, resulting in the semen spelling the word "tits" instead.

Featured charactersEdit

Bold text means that this is the first appearance of the character.


  • educational in a bad way
  • premature ejaculation is mature content. Go figure.
  • If you want your cock to learn anything, sometimes you have to give it a smack.


Adult Education

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