Ari showing that he still has an erection after having sex with a snowman in Snowbound





First appearance



Ari holding his own broken penis in Snowbound.

Ari is a minor character in Oglaf, notable for his brief but dramatic appearances in Snowbound and Meltwater.

About AriEdit


Ari was the village champion in Snowbound. After successfully fucking a snowman for ten minutes, Ari entered the boudoir of the Snow Queen in order to satisfy her and put an end to winter. On the verge of succeeding, his penis froze and broke off.

Later, the bounty hunter Greir managed to satisfy the Snow Queen with a strap-on. Either out of sympathy or as a cruel joke, Greir left the strap-on with Ari.


Ari is a thin and reasonably good-looking young man, with shoulder-length pale blond hair. He is currently without genitalia after he had sexual intercourse with the Snow Queen in Snowbound.


Before losing his penis, Ari was apparently notable in his village for his sexual prowess and stamina, enough that his fellow villagers chose him as their champion to satisfy the Snow Queen. His actual orientation before this incident, however, is pure speculation.

List of AppearancesEdit

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