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Circe (Guest Strip)
Title Circe (Guest Strip)
Pages 1
Rating -
Publication date January 6, 2013
True Slut Adventures (2012)

Circe, is a single-page Oglaf story created by a guest contributer. It was removed later the same day as it was published, to then be replaced with the story BFCs.


Circe welcomes visitors to Enchantment Palace, with lions and wolves, but no tigers. "Tiger didn't work out." says Circe as she stands on a tiger skin rug.


  • pigs soon.


Circe by Wright Barker (1889)

Circe by Wright Barker

  • This strip uses a painting of Circe by artist Wright Barker from 1889.
  • The Alt-text "pigs soon." is a reference to the Oddyssey in which Circe transforms Oddyseus's crew into pigs.


  • The comic has been removed from but can be seen here (dead link)

A Russian translation has also been found.


(Approximate, back translated from the Russian.)

-- Welcome to the magical palace.

-- We have lions ... and wolves!

-- No tigers.... Tigers didn't work out

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