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The curse spectre is a skeletal being that was first found in a crypt, and later seen distributing curses in towns. Sometimes his curses end up aiding the victim, as opposed to the intent of harm.

He appears first in Gifted, appears to own a store by the time of Curse Emporium, and eventually becomes a town mayor in Don't and Hot Buttons.

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The curse spectre faces off with the mindmass in the town election in Hot Buttons

The curse spectre is first seen in a Gifted, where it haunted catacombs cursing adventurers that it found. Here it is seen applying a curse of being "the supreme fellator," making the adventurer (later known as King Blowjob) the best person in the world at giving blowjobs. The curse spectre insists to him that it is a curse, in that he will simply be reduced to a good fellator and lose all his hopes and dreams as a result. Blowjob Guy, still skeptical, states how if he never starts giving blowjobs, that the skill will never overshadow him. The spectre concludes that it would be a waste to not use his skill.

His next appearance is a brief cameo on the final page of Habeas Corpus, where he is shown holding the doll, which may imply that the Curse Spectre is the one who controls it, or at least shares similar powers with it, and therefore potentially the one that curses Knobguy.

By his next appearance, he is seen in ownership of the Curse Emporium, in which he sells curses to the townspeople. He is entreated by a man who wants to curse himself with "lots of awesome sex with really hot chicks." The strip ends with the Spectre unimpressed by the man's effort.

Don't, perhaps the largest transition for the character, shows the Spectre having taken control of the town as Mayor, placing signs all over the landscape warning the townspeople of acts that are linked to various curses, such as a sign depicting a screaming woman with her hand cut off labeled "NO FISTING." In the end the Spectre comments humorously how he came to power- having "cursed [the borough] with me." This story features an epilogue describing how Spectre had a "bloodless" rise to power, which is interrupted by his assistant, the Sentient Blood Puddle, stating that it did in fact help the Spectre, and tries to immediately resign.

His next appearance was in the 3-page story Hot Buttons. In it, the Spectre is criticized by a copy of himself that he cursed into a mirror for cursing the town to democracy and then appointing himself ruler. The mirror-spectre demands that elections be held. Immediately afterwards, the Imperious Mindmass, a conglomeration of brains floats around town campaigning for itself. Arguments between the Imperious Mindmass and the Curse Spectre ensue, with an eventual election where citizens must navigate a deadly maze to get to the voting boxes. Shortly afterwards, a Crystal Deathworm consumes the ballots, along with several humans, such that the Spectre labels it "President Deathworm." The Spectre causally offers the position of Opposition Leader to the Mindmass, which accepts heartily.

His latest appearance is in the one-page tale ☀ This opens with a woman receiving a Gothic script chain letter that opens by threatening death if it is not copied and sent to three other people; Other panels show the rest of the letter being read (Aloud or silently ) by various recipients, including the king from Skulls!, a group of nobles, a dark wizard and a monk. In the final panel the Curse Spectre is seen writing and laughing uproariously, as the letter purports to involve the Guild of Dark Sorcerors ( Twice - by insisting that the letters must be cursed by their Standard Letter Curse #16 before sending, and by concluding with love from this same organization ). Of course, this is hilarious to the Curse Spectre as such a group does not exist.

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