Curse of the Funpire
Title Curse of the Funpire
Pages 1
Rating Safe
Publication date December 11, 2011
Sport (story)
Good Behavior

Curse of the Funpire, is a one page story featuring Greir and the monks of the Temple of Luck. It is also the first story in the Funpire/Funworm story arc.


The monk previously seen in The Rogue's Arsenal approaches Greir asking for help. He tells her that six of his order have been found dead, naked, and with huge smiles on their faces. He says he believes the monks were killed using fun and that he needs Greir because she is impervious to fun. Greir threatens to remove the monk's nose if he doesn't leave. The monk returns to the temple, where the other monks are throwing a party, to deliver the news that Greir isn't coming.

Alt textEdit

"what's that laughing behind your back?"
"'fun' misspelled backwards is 'snuff'"


Curse of the Funpire

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