First Appearance


The Fucksmith Is an Oglaf character who first appears in the story Overbite.

About the FucksmithEdit


The fucksmith first appears as a panicking townsman who mistakes a dentist for a wizard. His profession is only mentioned in passing when the dentist in turn mistakes him for a carpenter. Later on in Fully Fleshed he is shown attempting to ply his trade, albeit unsuccessfully. Apparently his role is to aid in the construction of sexual fantasies. However, it is unknown how, or even if, he is able to bring these fantasies to life.


The fucksmith appears as a slender man in his early thirties. He has an aquiline nose and a pencil moustache. He has medium length brown hair. He wears a shirt with baggy sleeves laced at the front. He also wears burgundy trousers, thigh length boots, and a stuffed codpiece (visible in the first panel of Overbite). He wears a burgundy muffin cap to match his trousers.

List of AppearancesEdit

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