Gifted 2
Title Gifted 2
Pages 2
Rating -
Publication date June 23, 2013
Caveat Emptor
Even Now Sithrak Oils the Spit

Gifted is a two pages long Oglaf story featuring King Blowjob. It is a direct sequel to the earlier story Gifted.


The leader of a barbarian horde challenges a city to send out their best person at sex to defeat him, or have the town laid to waste. The unnamed adventurer previously seen in Gifted (cursed to be the world's supreme fellator) reluctantly volunteers. The curse turns out to be real, and the adventurer fellates the barbarian leader expertly enough to render him unconscious.

The adventurer is crowned king and given the nickname "King Blowjob". King Blowjob's first act is to solve the kingdom's fiscal troubles through the power of weaponized fellatio.

Featured charactersEdit


  • It doubles as a battering ram
  • oragarchy


  • We built a walled city to avoid situations like this
  • King Blowjob doesn't usually negotiate with women- that's Baroness Cunnilingus' job


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