Greir holding up Reward poster for satisfying the Snow Queen in Meltwater





First appearance



The first page of the story Meltwater, where Greir makes her first appearance.

Greir is a mercenary who had her first appearance in the story Meltwater. Her name has never been used within the comics, but have been confirmed by the authors on their Twitter account.

Greir seems to be very efficient and ingenious when it comes to collecting her reward. In her first appearance, she claims the Meltwater bounty even though the villagers (and the Snow Queen) expected a man. When people try to weasel out of payment, however, Greir doesn't hesitate to burn down their villages.

About GreirEdit


Greir is portrayed with light brown skin and long dark green hair partially braided. She wears sturdy, practical leather clothes, boots, gloves, and a leather cap. In Solstice, she is shown as having several large scars on her body, a fact that was confirmed in a later episode, The Rogue's Arsenal.

In her first appearances she wears her sword on her left, as a right-hander normally would, but starting in Ravine, and throughout the Funpire arc she uses her left hand to hold her sword, wearing it on her right.


A returning gag is that Greir would be opposed or impervious to fun. However, it was seen in Sacrifice that not even Greir was immune to the power of the Fun God, though she did resist mightily. She normally exudes an air of extreme self-confidence or even arrogance. The only time she appeared genuinely surprised was after Vanka's surprise defeat of her in The Rogue's Arsenal.


All of Greir's sexual encounters have been lesbian, but unlike many oglaf characters, her libido is not a major motivation. She has been shown having sex with both the Snow Queen and the female bandit Vanka, and although both instances were heavily motivated by profit, Greir did appear to enjoy herself. And when seeking "fun" she chose to visit a bordello with only female staff. In Reward when she stated her "type" was hot, voluptuous women (although she further stated that they must have a "big bag of freaken gold" for a head which leaves the matter somewhat in the air). In contrast, she rejected the proposition of the male guard in Ravine with a blunt "none shall pass".

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