Invincible Shield-Maiden
Title Invincible Shield-Maiden
Pages 1
Rating -
Rigor Mortis

Invincible Shield Maiden, Invincible Shield-Maiden or just Shield Maiden, is a single-page Oglaf story. It features Invincible Shield Maiden and introduces Sir Knight.



Sir Knight encounters a peasant.

A peasant tells Sir Knight of a shield maiden who can not be defeated, because "Any wound you make on her appears on you instead!". Sir Knight proceeds to copulate with the shield maiden, but his penis penetrates himself instead of her, much to her disappointment and his delight.

Featured charactersEdit

Bold text means that this is the first appearance of the character.


  • I before E except about half the time


  • The title that is written above the comic on and the title that is written in the archive is Invincible Shield Maiden, the webpage title for the story is Shield Maiden and Oglaf Book One the story title written above the comic is Invincible Shield-Maiden. This is the only story that has a different name above the comic on and in Oglaf Book One.


Invincible Shield Maiden

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