Oglaf Book One
Oglaf Book One's front cover.


Oglaf Book One


Doug Bayne
Trudy Cooper







Ivan & Navaan's 'Doesn't Count' Kama Sutra is a part of the Bonus material in Book One. It features Ivan and Navaan performing different sexual acts which doesn't count, in other words, ways that you can have sex but still count as a virgin. TopatoCo describes this as "handy if you love somebody but still need to use them as unicorn bait.".

List of sex actsEdit

  • Scissors
  • Scissors vs Paper
  • Scissors vs Rock
  • Cock or Sausage?
  • The Trebuchet
  • The Wilful Hound
  • The Poor Man's Threesome
  • The Tomcat
  • The Witches' Mishap
  • Anal

Canon discussionEdit

Whilst it can probably be considered canon that none of these sex acts 'count' in the Oglaf world (that you can probably perform these sex acts and still posses the magical powers that belong to virgins (like seeing Vanorva, etc.)), it probably shouldn't be taken as a canon that Ivan and Navaan actually performed all of these sex acts.

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