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Kronar is a barbarian that made his first appearance in the story Honor!. He designates himself a 'Son of Man' and comes from a tribe solely made out of men. Kronar currently has a daughter, or as she is rather considered, a female son.

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Kronar tied down to an altar.


Kronar's daughter, or female son.

In the story Son of Kronar Kronar tells us For a hundred generations my fathers have kept the bloodline pure. Free from woman's taint.. We can therefore assume he has grown up with this tribe. In the story Hilting we get to know how Kronar lost his fingers during a sexual act where he was holding the blade of a sword.

In Son of Kronar he received a daughter, or what is rather considered a female son. Kronar declared that she should have the ritual 'bow of shame' affixed to her, then he threw her into a pit of wolves. She slew the wolves in the pit and survived, followed by that Kronar declared She... is truly my son.


Kronar is a stereotypical fantasy warrior man, with tangled shoulder-length black hair, a rough, craggy face, and a well-muscled physique. His body is covered in scars, including a particularly noticeable one across his left eye. He wears a fur loincloth, boots, wrappings around his wrists, and nothing else. As of the story Hilting, he is also missing all the fingers of his right hand, although he has developed a workaround, as he was later seen wielding an ax in his right hand in Kronar Takes a Toll. In later strips such as Birdman, and Burning Jewels of Death, his right hand can be seen to have healed, but to have no fingers.


Kronar and all the men of his tribe are strictly homosexual. Kronar seeks out and enjoys anal sex with other men. In all appearances he has been the "giver" during sex. Men of his tribe are apparently capable of becoming pregnant and giving birth. It is unclear how this works, and frankly it's best not to think about it too hard. It does imply that for many generations there have been no women barbarians.

Kronar and other males of various stereotypical warrior-style dress engage in 'acts of showing one another honour', occasionally with injury as in Hilting and Kronar has also demanded such 'tolls' upon one of the kings in the Oglaf universe in Kronar Takes a Toll.

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