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Mark of the Funpire
Title Mark of the Funpire
Pages 3
Rating -
Publication date March 25, 2012
Jar, Lamp, Ham

Mark of the Funpire, is a three page story featuring Greir, the monks of the Temple of Luck, and Navaan disguised as a doctor. It is part of the Funpire/Funworm story arc.


(Continuing from The Fire of God and Hoopla) Greir sits angrily in a bar and decides to search for fun. She wanders to the Temple of Luck where the monks show her the body of one of the victims of the "funpire". Greir notes scratches on the corpse's penis. The monks explain they were caused by the doctor performing fellatio on the victim as part of her treatment. The doctor wears a long red cape and her face is hidden by a beaked "plague mask". She removes the mask to check her patient's ejaculate and is revealed as Naavan, a vampire from the Immaculate City arc. "Nothing suspicious there."

Featured charactersEdit

Alt textsEdit

Page 1

"Drunken surliness. Close enough to fun."
"A bottle of your finest 'drinking alone,' barkeep"

Page 2

"These are just diagnostic leeches."
"Nobody suspected the doctor was a Womble."

Page 3

"In which several things fill with blood."
"'Gnawbones' is another term for doctor. Or 'sawbones.' I forget."


Mark of the Funpire

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