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Mistertique (who may actually be The Clit Tease in disguise) first appears as the titular character in the oglaf comic Mistertique. He appears in the guise of a masked avenger who sexually teases women and claims to be the world's greatest ladies man.

About MistertiqueEdit


Mistertique appears as a masked avenger who exudes the masculine mystique. He has a monopoly on sexual mystery as he owns the "Mystery mine", which he jealously controls. Even the Cougar Queen is perplexed by his man pants.

In Mistertique he appears before three women and seduces them, but then refuses to to engage in sex with them, because it would "totally ruin the mystique". He then removes his mask to reveal another mask underneath and claims to be "The Clit Tease" before exiting, leaving the disappointed women behind.

In The Return of Mistertique Mistertique appears before a woman and her hand maiden dressed in a pink woman's corset and panties. When questioned why he is dressed as a woman, Mistertique admonishes the woman not to deny half the world of tiny hearts and bows. As the woman attempts to apologise via sex, Mistertique pretends to steal her clitoris and runs away.

He meets his match in The girl from Good Behavior, she challenges him to have bad sex, and make rookie mistakes. Mistertique is confused and flees the scene.

The Cougar queen has trapped Mistertique in The Trammels of Mistertique, but cannont solve the mystery of his man pants. But we find the source of his power in the Fog of Meat in which he apprehends a guy who has been stealing his mystery.


Mistertique acts primarily as a trickster, seducing women then denying them sex. His motivation for this is unknown, although he has claimed that actually having sex with a woman would ruin the mystique.  In Consummate, he leaves when his attempt to frustrate his would-be partner fails and expresses his own frustration at his failure.  It is possible he considers teasing woman to be some sort of personal game. Mistertique also prefers to work alone, demonstrated as he rudely rejects the help of another masked avenger, Wingman, in Fraternity. Wingman is only one of a cast of characters representing roles in dating: Wingman, Pity Date and Dopplebanger.


Mistertique appears as a slender but athletic man in his mid to late twenties with long dark hair tied back in a ponytail. He wears long black gloves and thigh length black boots. In Mistertique he wears a pair of black latex or patent leather hot pants. In The Return of Mistertique he wears a frilly pink corset and frilly pink panties with stockings and garters. In Consummate he wears a brassiere like harness that exposes his nipples.  As Mistertique he wears a black latex or leather mask with a yellow letter M on the forehead. As The Clit Tease he wears a yellow mask with a red letter C in place of the M.


Although he appears to be heterosexual, Mistertique's sexuality has not been definitively revealed yet. So far he has yet to engage in any actual sexual activity and has retreated from his encounters with women. He has touched a woman's genitals, but only for the purpose of pretending to steal her clitoris. When a trans woman showed Mistertique her penis, Mistertique was unable to recognize her genitals as anything other than a strange vagina.


Mistertique is an athletic individual capable of performing a back flip through a window.

List of AppearancesEdit

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