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High Noon


The third page of High Noon where Navaan makes her first appearance.

Navaan is a vampire whose first appearance was High Noon. Her face and body were revealed in the "Meanwhile" extra of The Blank Page. Her name was first used in the comic in Furniture.

Navaan is a virgin in her first appearance, and knows very little about sex. Her virginity allows her to gain access to the magical city of Vanorva, which she does in order to bring helpless victims back for the vampires she is working for. The other vampires threatened to kill Navaan if she were to lose her virginity or otherwise not perform this task.

Her fellow vampires were slain by the Mistress's guards as they chased Ivan toward Mistress's castle. Navaan remained in the magical city to seduce someone into taking her virginity. The act of coitus frees the city from its curse, causing it to disappear forever.

Navaan currently masquerades as a doctor in order to perform bloodletting, allowing her to feed without harming her victims. She doesn't actually know what a doctor is, however, and uses the guise to perform sexual acts on her equally naive patients, the Monks of the Temple of Luck .

Her naivety of actual medical practice proves disastrous in Practice, resulting in the death of her patient. Navaan however remains undeterred.

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Navaan is happy-go-lucky and possesses a child-like wonder at the world around her. She appears to be highly naive, which suggests she is quite young. She loves to have fun, particularly when sex is involved. Navaan smiles brightly when something takes her fancy, which is often. She frequently takes casual risks, just to see what might happen.


Since her fellow vampires needed her to stay a virgin for their own purposes Navaan had as of her first appearance in the comic no real sexual experiences. She has been proven to be interested and fascinated (but also a bit uninformed) by sex and sexual acts. She can been seen engaging in "doesn't count"-sex with Ivan in "Nightfall" and Potion of Girlfriend and in Wake she had short sexual encounter with a virgin from Vanorva before he and the city vaporized. It is implied that she had sex with several partners on page 2 of 'Sideshow'. Thus far Navaan has only been seen engaging in sexual relations with men.

Navaan has used fake deaths to create multiple naked duplicates of herself, which she decorates with jewelery, clothing, make up, and in at least one case, a strap on dildo and cloak highly reminiscent of Ivan's. It is possible these duplicates are used by Navaan to indulge in sexual fantasies, but she appears to simply be entertained by playing dress-up with herself.


Navaan is a dark-skinned female vampire with thickly curled black hair and two brown tiger-stripe markings on her face. She also has two fangs, visible whenever she smiles. She appears to be a young woman, but her age is unknown. It is possible she was a young virgin sought and turned by the vampire clan in order to gather victims from the magical city, in which case she may be as young as she looks (and acts). Her usual outfit consists of a stretchy top and breeches, three-quarter length gloves with reinforced joints, thigh-high stockings, and a neck-covering/headband which appears to attach to the neckline of her top and which can (as shown in High Noon) unfold to cover her head, leaving only a narrow eyeslit. Over these she wears various bits of leather armour - shoulder-pads, knee- and elbow-protectors, bracers, greaves and a corset. This outfit appears to have been chosen to allow freedom of movement, while covering as much skin as possible from the sun. When outdoors she usually adds a shady hat or sometimes a hooded cloak.


While not explicitly stated, it is presumed Navaan is a skilled cat burglar. In Prophylaxis, she is shown to possess a collection of tools including grappling hooks and in Sideshow she claims to burgle the Temple of Fun all the time (perhaps this is where she has obtained the "fake deaths"). She is skilled in stealth techniques. In High Noon a Vanorvan man claimed that 24 men from Vanorva had been slain, implying Navaan had been in Vanorva for an extended period of time without being detected. She is also highly acrobatic, being able to hide from Vanorvan guards in the rafters of a building and being able to evade an attack by Greir and escape using a series of acrobatic flips. She was able to find the truth about the curly sword by seducing, and then tricking one of the fun cult spies.


As a vampire, Navaan is vulnerable to injury or death when exposed to direct sunlight. Indirect sunlight doesn't seem to worry her though - in 'High Noon' she's outside in the middle of the day (though sticking to the shadows) and in page 3 of 'Sideshow' she sleeps peacefully beside an archway through which sunlight is shining.

In 'Jar, Lamp, Ham' a note left beside the leech jar mentions "...I sometimes sleep for a week." - which could be a vulnerability.

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