Obligation Day
Title Obligation Day
Pages 1
Rating -
Publication date February 12, 2012
Sensual Burlap

Obligation Day, is a single-page Oglaf story.


The love skull appears before a young couple and tells them that on Obligation Day all must declare love or fear reprisal. It then taunts the couple, saying "Who's to tell your words of love from words of obligation?".

The love skull then similarly taunts a gay couple engaged in sex and a lesbian couple exchanging lockets.

One of the lesbians asks the love skull why it is plaguing humanity, to which it replies that on Obligation Day obligation is stronger than love. The lesbian then says that apes are stronger than humans, so the skull should bother them instead. The love skull agrees and leaves, but finds apes to be really dull.


This cartoon was published in the week of Valentines day, and seems to be satirising that holiday.

Alt textsEdit

"and start loving... now"
"We're not actually this cynical. Honest. Anything that gets you laid is fine by us."


Obligation Day

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