Pork Chisel
Title Pork Chisel
Pages 1
Rating -
Son of Kronar

Pork Chisel is a single-page Oglaf story. It features Sir Knight and a sculptor. It is rated NSFW.


Sir Knight encounters a man standing in a forest clearing filled with anatomically-correct statues of nude sexually-aroused women, and asks the man "What sorcery is this?" The man initially replies that he has a cursed penis which turns anyone he comes into to marble, but then retracts this claim and says he is actually a sculptor who makes fuckable statues. Sir Knight thinks this is a great idea and tries it out. The statue he is fucking whispers "Please help us", revealing that the man's first story was true, and moreover that the marble women are alive and helpless. But the 'sculptor' covers up her plea with whistling and Sir Knight doesn't hear.

Alt textEdit

"her skin was like marble and so was her hair"


Pork Chisel

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