Rigor Mortis
Title Rigor Mortis
Pages 1
Rating ...when you said you hated shitty puns, I assumed you were kidding
Noblesse Obligee
Invincible Shield Maiden
Rigor mortis

This is the only page of Rigor Mortis.

Rigor Mortis is an Oglaf story. It does not contain any recurring characters or creatures, but it is the yet only inclusion of what to seem to be zombies within the Oglaf universe.


A woman being attacked by a horde of zombies casts a spell of undead turning. This "turns" them in the sense of making them gay, and they begin to have sex with each other. In the final panel, she orders one of them to perform fellatio on another while she masturbates.


  • Rigor Mortis is latin and means "stiffness of death" and is used as a medical term for a death sign.


Rigor Mortis

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