Scheherazade as she appears in Scheherazade





First appearance


Scheherazade is a minor Oglaf character based on the Scheherazade of 1001 Arabian Nights. When we see her, she is embroiled in the same premise as the original tale: telling stories to the Sultan in order to delay her own execution.

About ScheherazadeEdit


Scheherazade is a beautiful woman with a toast-colored complexion and light brown hair in a single coil over her shoulder. There is a small brown mole over the corner of her mouth. She wears a red spangled bra with a matching skirt or harem-trousers, with a red veil on her hair and a spangled scarf around her throat.


Frankly, we don't get to see Scheherazade in the sexiest of circumstances: she is trying to save her own life by telling the Sultan erotic tales to convince him to spare her. If her stories are anything to go by, she's a fan of male-on-male slashfic.

List of AppearancesEdit

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