Simon as he is first seen in Simon the Wanderer, holding a magic lamp with a Djinn in.





First appearance

Simon the Wanderer

Simon, also known as Simon the Wanderer or Simon the Legless was originally a wanderer who got his wish to become a king, fullfilled by a Djinn. He has only appeared in the story Simon the Wanderer.

About SimonEdit


Simon was originally a wanderer. In the story Simon the Wanderer he summoned a Djinn which gave him a wish. However, if he didn't wish for a suck of the Djinn's cock the Djinn would cut off Simon's legs. Simon wished to be king and therefore became Simon the Legless.


Simon was originally dark-blonde and had no facial hair. When he became king in Simon the Wanderer he lost his legs. After that Simon's hair got darker and he started to get a beard.


The only thing known about Simon's sexuality is that he'd rather become a king without legs than suck the Djinn's cock.

List of appearancesEdit

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