Talking Fox
The Talking Fox sitting on a rock.





First appearance


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Derp Fox from t-shirt

The Talking Fox -also known as the "Derp Fox" or "Pimp Fox"- first appears in Brackenwife where he makes a stranger who saved him marry a bundle of sticks in a dress. The ceremony is performed by a bear. He seems to have a curious, friendly, and helpful attitude, though his efforts are not always well received.

It is not known whether the stick-wife was a prank/joke.

In The Golden Songbird the fox helps Tristram find the golden songbird and become king, which angers Tristram's brother Thessaly. The talking fox is a reference to the fairy tale "The Golden Bird" collected by the Brothers Grimm.

Most recently the talking fox appears in Rough Trade with his talking bear accomplices.


He has auburn hair with a white underbelly, chin and tip of the tail.

List of AppearancesEdit

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