The Kindly Hunter
Title The Kindly Hunter
Pages 1
Rating Safe
Publication date August 7, 2011
The Sword Master
Prince Rodgar

The Kindly Hunter is a single-page Oglaf story.


A hunter corners a deer, but spares it when it begs for its life. Later the hunter (now much thinner) snares a hare, but spares it when it also begs for its life. The hunter (now extremely gaunt) tries to eat a cress sandwich, but the sandwich also begs for its life. The hunter then passes out and dies of starvation. Standing over his grave, the deer, hare, and sandwich wonder if there was anything they could have done to save him.

alt textsEdit

"...and his gentle knives"
"The sandwich went on to save an orphanage. From salmonella."


The Kindly Hunter

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