The Rogue's Arsenal
Title The Rogue's Arsenal
Pages 3
Rating -
Publication date August 21, 2011
Prince Rodgar
Gorek the Magnanimous

The Rogue's Arsenal is a three-page Oglaf story featuring Vanka and Greir. It also contains the first appearance of one of the monks of the Temple of Luck.



The last panel in which the combatants are fully dressed

Greir the bounty hunter has captured Vanka. In the midst of being transported to jail, Vanka challenges Greir to a "trial by fuck," which she explains as "a fight without the bit before it turns sexy." Greir accepts the challenge, releases Vanka from her cage, and both of them quickly strip one another naked. The fight quickly devolves into rough sex.

Just as Greir seems on the verge of winning (having pinned down Vanka for oral sex), Vanka unleashes her "pussy trap," which squirts a jet of ink into Greir's eyes, blinding her while Vanka escapes.

Featured charactersEdit


  • Companion

    Monk with a different pendant.

    The Rogue's Arsenal contains the first in-world confirmation of Vanka's name.
  • When initially published the monk travelling with Greir was depicted having a cresent shaped pendant. The artwork was later corrected to change the pendant to a die as depicted in later stories.

alt textsEdit

Page 1

"Being wanted can hurt your self-esteem"

Page 2

"is 'sumosexual' a word?"
"If you take the belt off, you can hit below where it was."

Page 3

"Why is the referee allowing this?"
"...and she was gone, like the mysterious sea hare"


The Rogue's Arsenal

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