The Throne of Heaven
Title The Throne of Heaven
Pages 1
Rating Safe
Extra -
Publication date November 22, 2015
This Could Happen
Clumsy Fetish

The Throne of Heaven, is a single-page Oglaf story featuring Sithrak and the Doomsayers of The Blind Gibberer.



The ruler and his army.

A mighty ruler stands before Sithrak (identifying himself as "God") awaiting to be judged, but the ruler has brought an army of pottery warriors with him into the afterlife. The warriors attack Sithrak, blind him, and throw him from heaven.

It is then revealed that the events of the story are from a comic book being read by one of the Doomsayers of The Blind Gibberer. When the Doomsayer asks if the story is true, the other tells him "No-one can prove that it isn't."


The Throne of Heaven

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