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Tribute Day 2
Title Tribute Day 2
Pages 1
Rating -
Publication date November 14, 2010
Stealth Kill

Tribute Day 2, is a single-page Oglaf story featuring the Mistress. The events of this story lead to the Vanorva city arc. Tribute Day has been seen before.


Members of a poor town try impress the Mistress with three new sexual position the town has invented. However, the positions are the standard missionary, cowgirl, and doggie positions. The couple tells the unimpressed mistress that their town is also poor in imagination.  Mistress tells them that she hopes they are lacking in curiousity as well.

Later, an ominous chest reeking fumes appears in the centre of the poor town with a sign saying "Do not open".

Alt textEdit

"tribute day seems to come again so quickly"
"The Jimi Hendrix tribute band left this Jimi Hendrix"


Tribute Day 2

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