True Slut Adventures (2014)
Title True Slut Adventures (2014)
Pages 1
Rating -
Publication date 27 December, 2014
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TSA 2014, is a single-page Oglaf story featuring The slut.

Synopsis Edit


Even a cactus is not safe.

The annual Christmas filler is, as in previous years, and episode from True Slut Adventures, in the style of posters in the city of virgins Vanorva.

Like other episodes, it features Ivan as the slut, and is drawn from the perspective of someone who clearly has no idea what sex is.

The slut cuckolds a man who had married a cactus, so is sent to be beaten by Ms Manners. She accidentally ties herself up, so they have to escape on his "quad cock". But they are stopped when the slut's cocks fall into a "road-pussy" and someone parks a bike in his arse.

Alt-text Edit

There are also some sexual ruts in that road.
Etiquette for those without decorum

Link Edit

TSA 2014

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