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Vorpal Blade
Title Vorpal Blade
Pages 1
Rating -
Publication date December 1, 2013
Dust and Glitter
Habeas Corpus

Vorpal Blade is a single-page Oglaf story featuring Knobguy.


Knobguy Prepares

Knobguy prepares for disappointment

A woman approaches the Knobguy, rumoured to have a penis so powerfully enchanted that it can make a woman orgasm instantly. The woman attempts to have intercourse with the man, but orgasms so intensely that she is forced to stop before he has even fully penetrated her. As the woman falls asleep, the man attempts to masturbate, but the powerful enchantment causes his hand to orgasm and also fall asleep. The man reveals the enchantment to be the work of the Wish Dolly.


"+5 Cock"
"Go down on me if you’re having dentistry done. Your mouth will be numb for hours."


The term "vorpal blade" usually refers to an absurdly sharp blade, and is based on the sword wielded by the young hero of Lewis Carroll's famous nonsense poem "Jabberwocky".


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